Our Founder

NOVA LUNA founder, Brittany Fleck, was raised in a small Florida beach town by hippy parents who taught her to respect the planet and conserve energy as much as possible. Her regard for Mother Nature lead her to crafting herbal potions at a young age using ingredients from her Mother’s organic garden. Her metaphysical interests expanded to Tarot Card reading, crystal healing and, most of all, lunar energy. 

Brittany's New Moon rituals empowered her to make some serious changes, one of them being her career in what is possibly one of the most detrimental industries to this planet: fast fashion. Between the large scale pollution, the undignified working conditions, and the excessive fuel usage for product shipment, it felt hypocritical contributing to an industry whose standards and values oppose everything she has tried to uphold in her personal life. The idea of disposable clothing is disrespectful to Planet Earth and this type of shopping mentality needs to shift. And so, NOVA LUNA was born. Read more about NOVA LUNA’s mission here.

Brittany's key accomplishments and qualifications:

  • BS Fashion Merchandising Management, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Fashion and Sustainability Certified, London College of Fashion
  • 15 years of industry experience: 5 years in fashion design, 5 years in buying, 5 years in product development
Read more about Brittany and how Nova Luna got started in Voyage LA: Conversations with Brittany Fleck