Our Mission

NOVA LUNA, Latin for New Moon, is the new beginning Founder, Brittany Fleck, manifested. A New Moon is a time to set intentions. The intention of NOVA LUNA is to serve the collective as a lifestyle and experiential boutique that prioritizes sustainable products, elevated well-being, and a responsibility to our planet and its people. By partnering with local artisans and healers who practice their craft consciously and ethically, NOVA LUNA offers thoughtful products and workshops to create an authentic connection with the community, empowering both craftsperson and customer.

NOVA LUNA promotes emerging designers, skilled craftspeople, and independent artisans who create heirloom pieces meant to be cherished for many years, not to be thrown away after a few uses. By supporting local, small-batch manufacturing, each item has a backstory you can feel close to—literally—and feel good about every purchase knowing you’re decreasing your carbon footprint, wearing eco-friendly fabrications, and supporting ethically-made brands within the community.

Future plans for the boutique are to expand this initiative into an interactive shopping experience by creating a safe, peaceful and sacred space for the community to reflect, release, and recharge. In addition, a curated collection of metaphysical goods (i.e., crystals, cleansing tools, tarot cards and other literature) will be complimented by frequent workshops covering a broad range of spiritual, holistic, and sustainable DIY subject matter for the purpose of exploring eco-friendly living, expanding your mind, and nourishing your soul. But for now, come experience "NOVA LUNA lite" at weekly pop-up events. Check our Events page to see where we'll be coming up!

If you are a LA-based metaphysical practitioner, craftsperson, or certified sustainability expert interested in co-hosting a workshop or a California-based brand that ethically produces sustainable apparel, accessories, jewelry, apothecary or home products with wholesale capabilities and want to help us spread knowledge, love and healing for both individuals and Planet Earth, please contact us at info@shopnovaluna.com

We look forward to growing our community both in person and online!

Join the collective and follow us on Instagram @shopnovaluna!

With love,

Brittany Fleck

Founder and Owner of NOVA LUNA