NOVA LUNA founder, Brittany Fleck, grew up mystified by the metaphysical and the occult. She loved the horror genre from an age probably too young to even be watching most horror movies and began practicing witchcraft at the age of 10. Playing with Ouija boards and doing "light as a feather stiff as a board" with friends at recess matured into a study of Tarot card reading and a deep connection to lunar energy and crystal healing. It's through these three practices that shaped her monthly New Moon Rituals. 
Each month, Brittany connects to New Moon energy through rituals created specifically for each New Moon's sign. NOVA LUNA is how she shares her practice to the collective. With NOVA LUNA's first collection, Zodiac Babes, practitioners can connect to the energy of each New Moon through thoughtfully concocted essential oil blends infused with complimentary crystals in both rollerball and body oil form. Soon NOVA LUNA will also offer re-branded crystal kits and crystal-infused bath salt soaks to aid in your New Moon rituals. Whether you're in need of a solo crystal, a la carte body product, or want to take advantage of our New Moon bundle deals, NOVA LUNA is your one-stop-shop for all-natural, handmade in LA ritual tools, crystals, and Tarot + Oracle decks to help strengthen your spiritual practice.