September 2023 New Moon In Virgo

September 2023 New Moon In Virgo


Yes 18,000 planets are currently in retrograde, but don’t let that stop you from using tonight’s New Moon in Virgo for some powerful manifesting—and you’re gonna want to, cuz it’s the last chance to get in some New Moon intentions before Eclipse Season! The practical and perfectionist Earth sign is here to help you do some major planning for the rest of the year. Think seriously about what your perfect life looks like and manifest the sh!t out of it! Lean into routine to help you stick to goals and habits that will support this life shift for yourself!

Just don’t let Mercury-ruled Virgo’s cautious and calculated nature stop you from taking risks! This lunation wants you to let go of control and let the Universe do its thing. And with Mercury Retrograde ending as the Virgo New Moon rises, we’ve already been shown mistakes that need correcting. Now it’s time for epiphanies, resolutions, and change for the better. However, with its shadow period sticking around for another three weeks, remember to stay optimistic as the Universe might send a few more curveballs your way. Relax, unwind, indulge in self-care and remember these challenges are here to ultimately help you. Take a page from Earth energy’s focus on wellness and the outdoors and do something active outside to recharge. The Virgo New Moon’s got your back!

Crystals to Work With:
Amazonite - Go with the flow
Fluorite - Focus
Rutilated Quartz - Release to spirit guides
Red Jasper - Grounding
Clear Quartz - Optimism

Virgo New Moon Ritual:
OK, I’m caving and I say we try the viral Tik Tok “I Am Sure” manifestation technique. Hey, if it’s supposed to be so powerful, this is definitely the New Moon to pair it with. To do this, you need to get laser focused on what exactly you want to manifest. Once you’re clear, write down 10x “I am sure” followed by your desired manifestation in the present tense. For example: “I am sure I am getting that promotion.” Use a green candle (for earth energy and success) surrounded by your cleansed crystals to burn you written intention after repeating it out loud 10x. Watch out, this method can work as quickly as overnight!

Action Items and Journal Prompts to Connect with the Virgo New Moon Energy:

  1. Make a vision board
  2. Rearrange your space
  3. Spend time outside
  4. How can I be my best?
  5. How can I optimize the opportunities around me?
  6. What does your ideal life look like—and how close are you to achieving it?

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