The first New Moon of fall is happening in our little social butterfly Air sign, Libra. This past Thursday’s Autumn Equinox marks the midway point of the astrological year, so this lunation is the perfect time to reflect on your progress and growth throughout Spring and Summer while also looking ahead at what you want to accomplish for Fall and Winter. Ruling the Seventh House of Partnerships and Contract, Cardinal sign Libra wants you to take initiative on things like commitments and negotiations. Not so fast! While Mercury is still in retrograde, you’re definitely better off making ambitious game plans rather than making game-changing moves. Balance-loving Libra asks you to slow down, practice moderation and prioritize self-reflection while waiting out this last week of Mercury Rx.

Speaking of balance, this New Moon will help shine a light on any imbalances in our lives, allowing us to hit a harmonious equilibrium. This will be especially true in your relationships, as ruling planet, Venus, overseas partnerships (as well as money, values and beauty). Fairness-seeking Libra wants you to focus on the importance of having mutually beneficial relationships, making this the perfect time to reflect on our needs and desires in business, love or collaboration. Set some powerful intentions around this area to manifest the most out of this Libra New Moon. But, with Mercury Rx still out in these streets, don’t get your panties in a twist if it takes until the next New Moon or even the next Full Moon in Libra (in 6 months) for the love of your life or dream business collab to fall in your lap! In the meantime, connect with your closest friends, focusing on your one-on-one relationships, and get ready for a beautiful season ahead!

Crystals to Worth With:

Sodalite - Peace

Ametrine - Balance

Bloodstone - Clarity

Lepedolite- Harmony

Black Tourmaline - Protection

Libra New Moon Ritual:

Gather and cleanse your crystals, placing them near a window to charge under the Libra New Moon’s energy. Choose a candle to light as you focus on manifesting your most supportive partnerships—we recommend orange for creative/collaborative relationships, green for professional, or pink for love (which can also be self love!). As your candle burns, write down any accomplishments, learnings, or other major moments from the past 6 months then list out what you want to manifest for the next 6, focusing on your needs and wants out of partnerships. Be as specific as you want—you can list out dream creative or business collaborations and ways you could reach out and get their attention, ideal qualities in a romantic partner, realizations you’ve come to about yourself and what you need to do to be ready for that ideal romantic partner, or actions you need to take to get to the next step in your career. Whatever action plan path you take, keep this handy for when it comes time to take action. Let your candle (safely!) burn out, and, as always, keep your charged crystals with you until the next New Moon!

Journal Prompts to Connect with the Libra New Moon Energy:

  1. Are my needs in any of my relationships/partnerships being met?
  2. Is there any imbalance in my closest connections?
  3. What’s lacking in my life? What’s overwhelming?
  4. How do I want to be loved and how do I want to return love?
  5. What is out of balance in your life?

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