Tonight’s New Moon is sending us classic Virgo energy to push us to get our shit together! Virgos are super-planners and while methodically organizing your daily schedule might be a challenge for some, it encourages efficiency and practicality in life, so give it a shot! Restructure your life so that you can manifest your goals and visions! Routine can be it’s own ritual! So get back on that daily movement horse, hop back on the eating well bandwagon, and live life as your highest self so you can attract that which will support your leveling up!

Earth sign Virgos are also just that: down-to-earth! La Luna is grounding us in the practicality of our day-to-day life. And with this Virgo lunation occurring in September, aka the last month before the chaos of Holiday Season descends upon us (is Halloween your favorite holiday too?) and the month Mercury will be in retrograde once again, now is the best time to embrace the ease that structure brings to your life. So get out (or start) that to-do list you let slide all summer, and start checking off boxes. Ask any Virgo, which rules the sixth house of wellness and daily routine—being productive is the best feeling!

Suggested Crystals:

Jasper: Grounding and Stability

Onyx: Focus and Discipline

Citrine: Productivity and Success

Suggested Candles:

Brown - Stability

Yellow - Focus

Orange - Success

Suggested Essential Oils:

Cinnamon - Focus

Ginger - Success

Myrrh - Grounding


This Monday, the day ruled by the Moon, fill a glass vessel with water. Face North, the direction that corresponds to the element of Earth, and set your intentions for routine and wellness as you hold your glass. Place the glass on a surface near a window with your crystal(s) next to it—or place them in the glass to supercharge your Moon water! The next morning, drink your Lunar water, filling yourself with the productive, grounding energy of this New Moon! Keep your charged crystals with you until your next moon ritual!

Journal Prompts:

  1. What type of movement makes your body feel best and how can you incorporate it daily in your life?

  2. What habits are holding you back from being your highest self? What can you let go of? What better habits can you replace them with?

  3. What is one (or more!) way you can implement more organization in your life?

  4. Action prompt: Pick one (or more!) area of your home space to re-organize!

  5. Action prompt: Make a daily schedule for yourself! Use iCal, Google Cal, or buy a planner to write in! Make it fun so you’re more likely to stick with it!

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