A Super New Moon in Virgo is gracing us during Virgo Season, beginning a cycle where we will be encouraged to focus on healing and embrace challenges. The first of 3 Super Moons, tonight’s lunation is preparing us for the deep transformation and immense breakthroughs December’s Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will bring. Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury will be conjunct with this last new moon of the year, emphasizing the importance of harnessing tonight’s energy wisely to prepare for the changes that will transpire by year’s end. Now is the time to ask Mother Moon to help you manifest something completely different, to start a new chapter in life. Don’t hold back, she will be sure to give you what you ask for when you are ready.

Virgo rules the Sixth House of Health as well as the digestive system, so be mindful of what feed your body—literally, emotionally, and energetically. Besides physical, mental health is extremely important, and this New Moon is here to help you cope with crisis—hello global pandemic! Work and service are also central to the Sixth House, and the work we do in life is just as essential as the work we do on ourselves. But before we can help others we must help ourselves first. In turn, the ability to serve others is valuable and fulfilling for ourselves. Practical Earth sign, Virgo, is constantly looking for effective solutions to improve our lives and others’. If you feel pressured to be perfect, La Luna shines a light on the perfection of your imperfections.

Suggested Crystals:

Carnelian - Vitality

Clear Quartz - Healing

Jasper - Nurturing

Suggested Candles:

Green - Healing

Gold - Health

Pink - Self-Love

Suggested Essential Oils:

Birch - Healing

Carnation - Health

Rosemary - Vitality


This Thursday, dress and light your candle, placing your cleansed crystal(s) next to it. Face East, the direction of healing and new beginnings. Close your eyes, and visualize the life you want for yourself—who and where you are, what you do, who you’re surrounded by. Let the candle burn out and trust La Luna to prepare you for the changes to come. Keep your charged crystals with you until your next moon ritual!

Journal Prompts:

  1. Write down 3 things you’re hard on yourself about or that you don’t like about yourself. Now write an upside to each of those.

  2. Write down 3 obstacles you’re currently facing. Now write possibly ways of how you can overcome them and/or learn from them.

  3. What areas of my life need more organization?

  4. What beliefs or habits can I release to invite more flow into my life?

  5. What projects or goals have I been putting off? What do I need to make progress towards these?

  6. What healthy routines can I begin to incorporate in my daily life?

  7. In what ways can I help others and the Earth (without compromising my own wellbeing)?

  8. What does this new chapter in my life look like?

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