The second in a series of three Supermoons, tonight’s New Moon in Venus-ruled Libra is further preparing us for the December 14th New Moon Solar Eclipse that will open a portal of change to continue throughout 2021. Governed by the 7th House of Relationships, this Libra lunation will shine a light on those with others as well as ourselves. With the sun still in Libra, the collective “we” is illuminated, and La Luna will bring us fated interactions to learn from, but will also remind us that our relationships with others are only as good as the one we have with ourselves.

It’s no coincidence that Mercury, now retrograde in Scorpio (which is the sign of next month’s New Moon), shifts Rx in Libra, our current Moon sign. Both signs put a spotlight on our emotions, but Libra, symbolic of justice and harmony, asks us to find a balance within ourselves and with others. This Supermoon is the closest of the year, so carry this sense of peace and equality through to the next New Moon in ultra intense Scorpio. As we move through the Supermoon portal, continue to commit to the manifestations set in place during the Super New Moon in Virgo. Allow the Venetian pleasures of joy and beauty to inspire energetic commitment to the higher path that awaits.

Suggested Crystals:

Black Tourmaline - Grounding for Rx

Green Agate - Balance

Spirit Quartz - Harmony

Suggested Candles:

White - Peace

Pink - Relationships

Blue - Justice

Suggested Essential Oils:

Rose - Harmony

Neroli - Joy

Cypress - Comfort


This Friday, the day rules by Venus, face south, the direction of relationships. Dress and light your candle, placing your cleansed crystal(s) next to it. Focus on the most important relationship you have, the one with yourself. On a piece of paper, write down your manifestations, knowing you and those surrounding you will help you achieve those, in one way or another. Keep your list under your pillow and your charge crystals with you until your next moon ritual!

Journal Prompts:

  1. What beliefs or ideas can I let go to be in my highest alignment?

  2. What beliefs or ideas do I need to focus on to be my highest self?

  3. What practice can I invite into my life to offer more balance?

  4. What relationships don’t align with the life I wish to manifest with myself?

  5. What behaviors hinder putting myself first in order to be my best self for myself and others?

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