As New Moons represent new beginnings, this one also brings major transformation in the sign of Scorpio. Ruling your shadow side, water sign Scorpio reminds us that darkness, taboos, shameful secrets and all, you are perfectly imperfect just the way you are… but nothing is meant to stay the same. Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion but also the Phoenix—both having the ability to transform. The Scorpion sheds its skin while the Phoenix learns how to rise from the ashes. The hidden New Moon reminds you to dig deep to uncover hidden emotions to help you purge whatever’s holding you back from rising like the Phoenix.

Now that Scorpio’s traditional ruling planet, Mars, is out of retrograde, we are blessed with a renewed sense of drive and determination when it comes to conquering our goals. The lack of motivation we’ve been feeling these past few months will get a fiery burst of energy. And with the sun’s sacred masculinity meeting the moon’s divine feminine in Scorpio, we are given the chance to birth something new into our lives. Check which astrological house in your chart belongs to Scorpio to find out where you will be reborn! Don’t forget, as the next New Moon is also an eclipse, tonight’s lunation will be your last chance of the year to set intentions and make moves towards your goals.

Suggested Crystals:

Moss Agate - Manifesting

Malachite - Transformation

Howlite - Rebirth

Suggested Candles:

White - New Beginnings

Black - Purging

Red - Emotions

Suggested Essential Oils:

Birch - Birth

Musk - Passion

Cypress - Transformation


Fill a glass vessel with water. Dress and light your candle placing your cleansed crystal(s) near or in it. Face West, the direction of water and releasing negativity holding you back. Using your cleansing tool of choice, cleanse your entire body, feeling the emotions that lie deep within you rise to the surface and any shame, fear, or doubt leave your body entirely. Allow the candle to burn out and, the next morning, drink your moon water. Keep your charged crystals with you until your next moon ritual!

Journal Prompts:

  1. What did you hope to accomplish by the end of 2020?

  2. What did you struggle with the most?

  3. If you had to list a key takeaway of the year, what would it be?

  4. What’s different about you?

  5. What have you discovered about your life, and the world around you this year?

  6. What have you destroyed, and transformed?

  7. Have you faced any fears? If so, what are they?

  8. Are you still afraid?

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