Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

House: Third House of Communication + Transportation

Get ready to manifest, bitches! It’s the first New Moon since Eclipse season and it’s in witty, open-minded Gemini. Though its ruling planet is still in retrograde, Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, memory, and transportation so this New Moon is telling us to take a trip inside to think through our feelings. Maybe you’re still feeling the chaos of Eclipse Season or Mercury Rx is doing a number on you. Leave it to Gemini to help you find clarity amongst the chaos.

Ruling the Third House of Communication and Transportation, social Gemini encourages you to open up to others as you work towards big breakthroughs. This Air sign is like a breath of fresh air after the past energetically turbulent few weeks. This New Moon brings inspiration from what life has thrown at you and excitement for what is to come. Whether you work with this energy through meditation, journaling or connecting with friends, Gemini will help you be receptive to whatever new information you receive.

Crystals to Work With:

Smoky Quartz - Opening

Lapis Lazuli - Imagination

Howlite - Clarity

Tigers Eye - Protective

Blue Lace Agate - Communication

Gemini New Moon Ritual:

Before going to bed, gather and cleanse your crystals, placing them near a window to charge under the Gemini New Moon’s energy. Spend a moment to think about what has changed or been brought into your life since the start of Eclipse Season at the end of April. Write them all down along with one or more ways you can use them to expand your life, mind or spirit. Share your findings with a friend(s) in the next few days to gain new perspectives or ideas on each point. Keep your charged crystals with you as you explore these further!

Things to Do to Connect with the Gemini New Moon Energy:

  1. Try a guided meditation (we love Jessica Snow’s free recordings here) and see what thoughts and/or emotions come to the surface. These are what you will want to dive further into to help you gain clarity on your path forward.
  2. Take the above ritual further by journaling more on each point you jotted down. Try revisiting them daily to document your progress as you continue to work through them.
  3. Get social! Give friends a call for a chat, hang out irl, reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while!

Image from @tinycactus

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