Tonight’s New Moon in Taurus is the last before we begin eclipse season, bringing us grounding, balancing, and stabilizing energy. Rooted in the physical, the Bull is here to support you in manifesting your life’s goals like you never have before (and will be back for November’s Full Moon to check in on you) while reminding you to take pleasure in the process. Now is the time to manifest goals of Taurean themes like love, money, and values, but Mother Moon and Father Sun want to remind us to do so slowly and surely as they both pass through Venus-ruled Taurus. Set what matters most to your heart as your foundation to build upon by solidifying a daily routine and habits that will support your path as you take tangible steps towards your intention. Manifesting your life’s purpose is a form of self-care in itself, but don’t pressure yourself to rush to the finish line. Life isn’t a race, enjoy the ride!

Suggested Crystals:

Red Calcite - Security

Blue Kyanite - Communication

Pyrite - Manifestation

Suggested Candles:

Green - Money

Brown - Stability

Red - Action

Suggested Essential Oils:

Musk - Courage

All-Spice - Determination

Lavender - Stability


At anytime the big hand of a clock is between :30 and :59, fill your glass vessel with water. Hold it in your hands as you set your intentions. Set it near a window and place your cleansed crystals next to it. The next morning, drink the water, letting your most powerful manifestations fill your body.

Keep your charged crystals with you until your next moon ritual!

Journal Prompts:

  1. What long-term vision brings you the highest sense of fulfillment, joy and passion? Are they connected to your heart and soul? Are they shareable?

  2. What would you do if you knew you could do anything?

  3. What solidity do you want to create for yourself in the next six months?

  4. Are you actively pursuing your goals and dreams? Are you willing to put in the work? What does this look like?

  5. How can you ground your energy while also taking flight?

Active Endeavors:

  1. Revise current business plans

  2. Set intentions that correspond to your Taurus-ruled house

  3. Deep clean and cleanse your home

  4. Rearrange your space

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