While Taurus season was a time for grounding ourselves and reflecting, air sign, Gemini, feels like a cool, refreshing breeze. Time to open the windows and let the dynamic twin energy rush in. Gemini, ruled by Mercury the Messenger, promotes conversation and conceptualizing. Turn your energy outwards and connect with others. This can be a collaborative project or simply listening to others and enjoying a different point of view. Try reaching out to a trusted friend to get their opinion or advice on something you’re passionate about. The bustling energy of this New Moon can lead to overthinking, so writing down your thoughts and conversation takeaways will help you maintain clarity and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. 

Don’t let the duality of the Gemini twins pull you in two different directions, leading way to confusion and frustration. Instead, recognize that there are often two ways of doing something—neither right nor wrong—and challenge yourself to do things another way than you normally would. Put your focus on finding new creative ways of communicating and connecting. Surely we have found new ways to do this while social distancing! Perhaps a plan you had in place before the pandemic needs some re-working to cater to the current state of the world. Or try exploring a new way of getting around—Gemini also rules transportation, after all. Maybe something more eco-friendly like a bicycle to run your essential errands? We’ve seen how WFH is helping to heal the planet by decreasing the number of commuters, why not continue to contribute?

Both the Sun and Moon join forces in problem-solving sign Gemini, making this lunar phase especially potent. Let the inquisitive nature of these celestial twins help you brainstorm your long-term goals, which will likely need adapting as the world shifts through its phases of “new normal.” These savvy twins are exactly who you want on your side during this time to help you build towards what speaks to your soul most. With the moon’s north node also entering Gemini, your intentions will have added power for the next two weeks, bringing an even stronger sense of destiny that will carry through to 2022. See below for a New Moon ritual that will help you manifest your dreams.

Suggested Crystals:

Turquoise - Communication

Blue Fluorite - Creative Visualization

Apatite - Problem-Solving

Suggested Candles:

Blue - Creativity

Orange - Adaptability

Yellow - Intellect

Suggested Essential Oils:

Jasmine - Creativity

Peppermint - Intellect

Citronella - Socialization


At or after half past the hour, fill a glass vessel with filtered water. Face East, corresponding to the air element, new beginnings and clarity. Dress and light your candle, placing your cleansed crystal(s) next to it. On a piece of paper, write down your wishes, dreams and plans. Keep the paper under your pillow until the Full Moon. Let the candle burn out and the next morning drink the moon water your willed your intentions into. Keep your charged crystals with you until your next moon ritual!

Journal/Action Prompts:

  1. Social Networking. Who is someone you’ve wanted to reach out to (whether you know them or not)? There’s never been a better time to send a text or slide into those DMs. Or pay it forward and be a connector. Make a list of awesome people you could link up and let them do the rest!

  2. Have you been two-faced? Write out confessions of anything you may have omitted or lied about recently. Consider coming clean to the person you’ve wronged.

  3. Act on Gemini’s sense of community by supporting local businesses. Maybe sign up for a local co-op instead of your usual big-box shopping trip. Running low on bath/beauty products? Find a local, small-batch maker. Dying to buy a new dress to play dress-up at home? Hit up that new boutique’s curb-side pick up option.

  4. Gemini rules gadgets and communication devices, but maybe you’ve been over-using them while stuck at home. Try a technology-diet. Set a daily limit for yourself and challenge yourself to find unplugged entertainment options (we’re loving puzzles!).

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