Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and this fire sign is here to light a fire under your ass that’ll carry you through the astrological year. While the Ram may be impulsive and quick to anger, it’s also intuitive and passionate. As you courageously charge through life, listen to your gut—your first instinct is usually the right one. Sure, acting before thinking can lead to a little chaos, but don’t let the Mars-ruled Aries energy get you all worked up if something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. It’s all part of the journey, and learning from your mistakes can be just as powerful as learning from your successes.

Aries rules the First House of Self so let this be your queue to look within with a sense of Aries-like adventure. Now is the time to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, learn something new that will help you grow to the next level. It’s time to burst out of dreamy (ahem, snoozy) Pisces season and get excited! What excites you? What’s something you’ve wanted to do or try but haven’t, perhaps out of fear? Harness this Aries New Moon energy and try something new—you may just find your true gifts or new passions! This is your new beginning, what are you gonna do with it?!

Crystals to Work With:

Tigers Eye - Willpower + Enthusiasm

Carnelian - Courage + Action

Bloodstone - Determination + Inner Strength

Moonstone - New Beginnings

Red Jasper - Endurance + Energy

Citrine - Creativity + Manifestation

Aries New Moon Ritual:

Just before bed, write down anything and everything you’re passionate about, what excites you, what you want to learn more about, etc., on a piece of paper. Place this piece of paper near a window next to your cleansed crystal(s). With your list fresh in your mind, go to sleep, and, the next morning, whatever is the first thing to pop into your head, circle that on your list. Make an action plan to begin exploring this exciting endeavor. Feel free to repeat this as many times as you wish, until you are awakened by a newfound passion, or until you have circled and actioned on every item on your list. Keep your cleansed crystals close to help support you on this adventure.

Things to Do to Connect with the Aries New Moon Energy:

  1. Try word association exercises to ignite your intuition and instinct.
  2. Experiment with a new creative hobby: painting, drawing, knitting?
  3. Face your fears! Ride a rollercoaster or motorcycle!
  4. Been looking the other way about something you know you should speak up about? Now’s the time!
  5. Release your anger (in a healthy way)! Take a kickboxing or karate class.

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