Not only is this month’s New Moon in Cancer occurring on the summer solstice, but it is also coinciding with a solar eclipse, further amplifying the new beginnings a new moon stands for and bringing rapid change. Additionally, five planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) will also be in retrograde, revealing new truths and causing us to review, revisit and reflect.

Chances are, you’ve been living a warped version of reality these past few months, which is stressful and makes it challenging to know which parts of your daily routine are working for you. Sensitive water sign Cancer is here to help you figure that out! This New Moon in Cancer will make you reflect on your societal impact and friendships, realize what makes you feel safe and secure, and help you make moves to invest in your personal growth. Take advantage of the longest day of the year by practicing self-care and writing down thoughts and feelings that come up as you explore these Cancerian-like themes—check out our blog for journal prompts *link in bio* In the fourth house of the zodiac, Cancer rules over home and family, but check which astrological house belongs to zero degrees of Cancer in your birth chart if you want to focus on where this lunation will most affect you.

Suggested Crystals:

Gray Moonstone - Security

Labradorite - Mastering Change

Amazonite - Compassion

Suggested Candles:

Pink - Nurturing

Gold - Personal Power (bonus energy during a Solar Eclipse)

Blue - Emotional Healing, Honors Water Sign

Suggested Essential Oils:

Cypress - Comforting

Clove Leaf - Healing

Lemongrass - Personal Purification


Fill a glass vessel with filtered water. Face West, corresponding to the water element, internal guidance, and development. Dress and light your candle, placing your cleansed crystal(s) next to it. On a piece of paper, write down any changes/improvements you wish to make regarding your place in the world, relationships, sense of security, or leveling up. Keep the paper under your pillow until the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 5. Let the candle burn out and the next morning drink the moon water. Keep your charged crystals with you until your next moon ritual!

Additional Journal Prompts:

  1. Where is my place in the world? How am I connected to everything that’s going on? Do I want to change anything?

  2. Am I working to help create positive change, or can I contribute more?

  3. What makes me feel safe and secure? What steps do I need to take to improve/reach this?

  4. Are there any areas where I need to cultivate compassion, for myself and others?

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