The first water sign in the Zodiac, Cancer, represents nourishment, comfort and security. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is all too comfortable dealing with matters of emotions and intuition so why shouldn’t this month’s New Moon throw a curve ball at you to keep you on your toes? During this lunation, nostalgia from the past comes back to be remembered teaching us to process the past in order to move towards the future. While this won’t be easy, reflecting on your hang-ups and tackling issues as they come up will take a huge weight off your shoulders. Trust the signs you see. Angel numbers, premonitions, and dreams that may seem like coincidences could actually open up life-changing opportunities and experiences.

Usually a New Moon is a time to get down and dirty with some serious manifesting, but a couple astrological events are suggesting you take things slow and focus inward as you stay open to messages from the Universe. Maybe you’ve been feeling the volatile energy already, but seven planets are about to be in retrograde (yikes). What’s more is, just a couple hours after the New Moon, the lunar nodes—AKA the North and South Nodes of Fate—will conclude their journey through the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and officially activate the Aries-Libra axis. Check where Aries/Libra occur in your birth chart and reflect back to 2004-2006, the last time these Nodes of Destiny journeyed through these signs, as this window could hint at what’s to come. Expect full-circle moments, twists of fate and major life lessons. Things could get a bit rocky as the lunar nodes push you towards your destiny, but if you keep an open mind, focus on grounding spiritual practices, and trust your gut, you will begin to see your life as crystal clear as water.

Crystals to Work With:
Yellow Jade - Emotional Release + Inner Peace
Moonstone - Intuition + Transformation
Smoky Quartz - Grounding + Protection
Rose Quartz - Nurturing + Self-Love
Rhodonite - Emotional Healing + Acceptance

Cancer New Moon Ritual:

Water sign Cancer is basically begging for a ritual bath! Drop in some crystals, bath salts, and some Neroli, Palo Santo or Sandalwood essential oils (or grab one of our bath salt soaks—Manifest or Release) and connect to the Crab’s emotional energy. No bathtub? Connect with other forms of water: the ocean, a lake, even a shower will do! Let the water cleanse away anything from past you’re hanging on to and wash you clean for the clean slate this Cancer New Moon is bringing your way. Set your cleansed crystals in a window to charge in La Luna’s energy and keep them with you until the next New Moon!

Journal Prompts to Connect with the Cancer New Moon Energy:

  1. Are you happy? 
  2. Does this place feel like home? 
  3. Are you consciously surrounding yourself with people, places and energies that emotionally fulfill you? 
  4. Does your living space meet your expectations? 
  5. When reflecting on your own emotional process, do you feel safe in your environment?
  6. What reminds you of home?
  7. What part of your past are you ready to leave behind, in order to step into your fullest potential?
  8. What’s the unmovable rock that you must get past?
  9. What is the difficult challenge that you must accept?

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