Cancers tend to be sentimental, emotional caregivers; as a Cancer Moon I FEEL this hard (pun intended). On the flip side, it’s also characterized by initiation and big picture ideation. Cancer is also ruled by the moon this powerful New Moon is here to help you channel your feelings into big changes and breakthroughs!

As Cancer rules the fourth house of home and family, take this time to create emotional security and comfort in your life. La Luna is here to help you manifest a certain job, relationship, or passion project that promises more fulfillment and security. As the first non-eclipsed New Moon since May’s New Moon in Taurus, now is the time to set intentions! Go with your gut—Cancer also rules the stomach—and take a leap of faith!

Suggested Crystals:

Rose Quartz - Self Care

Moonstone - Inspiration

Emerald - Emotional Stability

Suggested Candles:

Silver - Moon

Brown - Home/Security

Pink - Nurturing

Suggested Essential Oils:

Lavender - Stability

Lilac - Harmony

Bayberry - Home Luck


When the large hand of the clock is between :30 and :59 (signifying you will be manifesting things to come to you, not to release), fill a glass vessel with water. Cleanse your crystals and light your candle of choice. Face East, the direction of New Beginnings. Hold your glass in your hands and set your most powerful intentions around self-fulfillment, security, and initiation. Set your water near a window next to your crystals and candle. Let the candle burn out and the next morning drink your Lunar water, filling yourself with the power of manifestation! Keep your charged crystals with you until your next moon ritual!

Journal Prompts:

  1. What changes do I need to make to my home environment?

  2. What roots of mine am I being called to explore during this cycle?

  3. What boundaries do I need to set or maintain to protect myself?

  4. Do I need to nurture myself right now?

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