Sitting at the end of the zodiac and the astrological year is Pisces. Today not only marks the first day of Pisces season, but also a dreamy New Moon. Water sign Pisces can be extremely emotional, but also highly reflective. Ruled by the Twelfth House of Spirituality, this is a New Moon made for  the unconscious, dreams, and psychological healing. Take time to contemplate your life, your goals, and yourself. Allow your dreams to guide you to new destinations in your imagination. Feel your visions coming to life as you see yourself living the life you want to live.

With two ruling planets—Neptune, the planet of higher consciousness, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion—it can be difficult to feel grounded with such free-flowing energy. While the two fish of Pisces swim in opposite directions, this makes their journey a circle that lands them in the same place eventually. Surrender and ground yourself. The key to this new Moon is to just be, allowing the Universe to do the manifesting for you. This trust will help strengthen your intuition to reveal your truest path. Pisces reminds you that flowing with life will get you to places that forcing never could. 

Crystals to Work With:

Blue Lace Agate - Tranquility

Sodalite - Intuition

Labradorite - Higher Consciousness

Amethyst - Spirituality

Aquamarine - Go with the Flow

Pisces New Moon Ritual:

Gather and cleanse your crystals, placing them near a window. Fill a glass vessel with water. Between :00 and :30 of any hour, connect to the part of you that is willing to release and surrender to the Universe, its guidance, and what it will manifest for you (even if it’s different than what you’ve envisioned). Leave the water next to your crystals to charge under the Pisces New Moon’s energy. The next morning, drink your lunar water, filling yourself with you biggest Piscean dreams! Keep your charged crystals with you until the next New Moon!

Journal Prompts/Activities to Connect with the Pisces New Moon Energy:

  1. Take a queue from the fish and get in water! If you’re not one to take monthly New Moon ritual baths, this is the sign to do it!
  2. Meditate!! Open your unconscious mind in order to receive messages from higher realms.
  3. Keep a dream journal! What symbols or patterns do you see?
  4. What are your wildest dreams for yourself and your life? Notice what you tell yourself about your wildest dreams. What do you think is possible and impossible? Why?
  5. Try subconscious journaling. Begin by writing down the statement “I feel…” and allow your consciousness to fill in the rest. Write down everything you feel in the moment, without restriction.

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