Who the hell is ready for the last New Moon of 2022? Tomorrow’s New Moon in industrious Capricorn is kicking off New Years Resolutions early. Occurring just after the Winter Solstice, now’s the time to get your shit together and manifest BIG for 2023. Maybe 2022 had you over-indulging and slacking on your goals a bit—nothing wrong with a little self care or retail therapy, especially after the shit show that was 2020 and 2021! The disciplined sea goat, ruled by none other than Saturn, the planet of responsibility and commitment, is gonna motivate you to take initiative with your ideas and ambitions!

NOT to bring you down from the high vibes of go-getter Capricorn, but this New Moon also occurs just days before beloved Mercury retrogrades for the last time this year. While it may be the most self-motivated sign of the whole zodiac, Capricorn is also an Earth sign, reminding us to ground ourselves as we prepare for major moves in 2023. Focus on attainable objectives and enjoy the ride to the top. Like Hannah Montana said, “Ain't about how fast I get there, Ain't about what's waiting on the other side, it’s the climb.” Mercury Rx is a case for taking your sweet ass time, resting and reflecting, to gain the clarity you need to form a down-to-earth game plan. Watch tf out 2023!

Crystals to Work With:

Green Aventurine - Success

Tigers Eye - Willpower

Black Tourmaline - Protection

Black Onyx - Grounding

Rainbow Fluorite - Focus

Capricorn New Moon Ritual:

Gather and cleanse your crystals, placing them near a window to charge under the Capricorn New Moon’s energy. Reflect on the past year, the goals you set (those you achieved and those you didn’t). Write down your goal(s) for 2023. Take note if they have carried over, shifted, or changed completely (see below journal prompts to dive deeper). Light a candle (we suggest green for Earth energy, growth and success). After journaling or sitting with your list of 2023 manifestations, burn it, releasing your powerful intentions into the universe. Keep your charged crystals with you until the next New Moon!

Journal Prompts/Activities to Connect with the Capricorn New Moon Energy:

  1. List your 2022 accomplishments; is there anything you didn’t achieve? Why do you think that is? Are they still your same goals? If not, what are your new goals?
  2. Make a vision board (can be digital, physical, a Pinterest board, etc.)!
  3. Practice daily manifestation! Reaffirm your intentions you set on the New Moon!
  4. Try out some grounding practices: guided meditations (we love Jessica Snow’s free audios), go outside and (literally) connect with Earth energy, try breathe work (Jenni Adishian does a great job for newbies), journal daily (we love the 5-minute Gratitude Journal), move your body (hike, walk, practice yoga), indulge in self care (take a bath, splurge on a massage or a facial, try a new face mask).
  5. What boundaries do you want to implement in 2023? How will these help you achieve your goal(s)?
  6. What stagnant emotions or thought processes do you need to clear before heading into the New Year?

Image from @tinycactus

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