Today brings our final new moon of the year and the close of the Eclipse portal. While November’s Lunar Eclipse in Gemini put a spotlight on the need to let go of the past, this Solar Eclipse in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius will usher in the future by aligning with new dreams, visions, and experimental creativity. Solar Eclipses are the most powerful omens of change, and this one is charged with fire-sign Sagittarius’ bold and wise energy, giving us the courage to dream big and allow the universe to open the door to our soul’s destiny.  

New Moons are usually the most powerful time for manifesting, but this is not the case when paired with a Solar eclipse, during which cosmic energy is far too volatile. Instead, listen to the universe and embrace the sudden shifts, knowing every event is fated. Check which astrological houses belong to Gemini/Sagittarius in your birth chart; this is where your eclipse story began to unfold, with the first eclipse of this series in June, and will continue to do so for all of 2021. These past 6 months we have been shedding old skin, unfolding into the full expression of who we truly are. It is on the other side of this portal, that everything we have been working towards and dreaming of will happen. What adventure will the universe take you on in 2021?

Suggested Crystals:

Moonstone - New Beginning

Labradorite - Transition

Black Tourmaline - Release

Suggested Candles:

Gold - Sun

Silver - Moon

White - Source

Suggested Essential Oils:

Clove - Courage

Cypress - Change

Myrrh - Accepting Destiny


This Monday, the Moon’s Day, face East, the direction of new beginnings. Fill a glass vessel with water. Dress and light your candle placing your cleansed cleansed crystal(s) near or in it. Focus on your wildest dreams and grandest goals. Set your intention to trust what the universe will be bringing to you, ready to accept that whatever that is, it’s meant for you. Prepare yourself for an adventure as you begin this new chapter of your life as your truest self. The next morning drink your moon water, ready for your destiny. Keep your charged crystals with you until your next moon ritual!

Journal Prompts:

  1. What did you let go of during the lunar eclipse on November 30?

  2. Do you feel lighter? Is it easier to breathe?

  3. Where do you need to be more optimistic?

  4. What have you always wanted to explore?

  5. How can you be more understanding of others?

  6. Why are you getting caught up in the details?

  7. What are your biggest dreams/goals?

Image from @diztantdreamer

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