Solar eclipses happen a few times a year, but today’s is a “hybrid” solar eclipse in fire sign Aries, meaning the moon will move in front of the sun to create what looks like a ring of fire before moving to a total solar eclipse, where the moon completely blocks the sun. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll be able to witness this rare phenomenon, which only occurs a handful of times per century. For the rest of us, read on to see what this month’s second New Moon in Aries has in store for you.

If you read our last New Moon post, then you already know Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, sparking action and inspiration to move in a new direction for the year ahead. You can expect new opportunities, journeys and experiences to come into your life. But due to the intense and unpredictable energy brought on by eclipses, you shouldn’t spend your time trying to manifest them. Because an eclipse activates the North Node of destiny and the South Node of past life karma, major changes will occur to your current life path, so focus on preparing yourself and clearing space to accept them.

The changes eclipses bring are intense, unexpected and permanent. But with Mercury Retrograde occurring from April 21 to May 14, it may be hard to decipher what’s here to stay and what’s ready to go. Your best bet is to let the Mercury Rx dust settle before you decide which is which. Let the Universe take the wheel and guide you through the eclipse + Mercury Retrograde chaos. This solar eclipse in Aries is the first of an eclipse series that will continue until March 2025, so be sure to buckle up! It’s gonna be a bumpy but divine ride to your destiny!

In lieu of charging crystals and performing any kinds of manifestation rituals, we instead encourage you to meditate, take a bath, and/or make a list of action steps towards your goals!

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