It’s that time of year again: EcLIpSe sEAsOn (swiftly followed by yet another Mercury Retrograde). Now is NOT the time for manifesting. I REPEAT: NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR MANIFESTING. Instead, lean into Taurus’ Earth energy to ground you and gain some clarity on your feelings. Meditation, self-exploration, having heart-to-heart talks with your nearest and dearest are all safe exercises during this Solar Eclipse. Venus-ruled Taurus loves pleasure and comfort, so treat yourself to something a little extravagant. Maybe a massage, a new top in a super-soft, luxurious material, or a decadent meal.

Let’s not forget Taurus rules the Second House of Money + Possessions and is damn sure to get those things through determination and hard work. Take this time to (re)structure your goals for the next month, 6 months, year. These baby bulls love a solid routine, so map one out for yourself. But keep in mind, this New Moon is also bringing big changes (as all Eclipses do), so consider having a plan B (C, D, E, etc). Even if things don’t go to plan, you can rest assured that whatever happens was meant to. Eclipses have a way of bringing fate to the forefront. 

Suggested Crystals*:

*do NOT charge crystals during Eclipse season. Instead, work with calming, grounding crystals to get you through this chaotic astrological energy.

Amethyst - Calming

Hematite - Clarity

Red Jasper - Grounding

Rose Quartz - Comfort

Things to do to stay connected with the Taurus New Moon during a Solar Eclipse:

  1. Connect to Earth energy by spending time in nature or taking a walk outside.
  2. Make an action plan to start attacking your goals post-Eclipse season.
  3. Meditate to gain clarity on your path ahead.
  4. Start/keep a journal. We love The Five Minute Journal) for a quick, daily check ins!
  5. Spend time with loved ones, sharing your deepest secrets or simply opening up your heart to a trusted friend.

Image from @saturnaes

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