With this New Moon in Taurus falling on Earth Day, take this time to slow down, connect to the Earth, and root yourself in the beauty around you. Since you can’t go far while in confinement, go deep instead. Venus-ruled Taurus is all about comfort, pleasure and your individual value system. Let this New Moon help you find new ways of being that will ground you. Remember what is important to you and tend to that. Look within to discover what kind of life you truly want to build, what kind of person you truly want to be. Plant seeds to build a better future for yourself.

This New Moon in Taurus is inviting you to step forward, free yourself from limiting beliefs and to dream BIG. La Luna loves Taurus’ stable energy, especially during times of such uncertainty. Take a queue from this New Moon and embrace this time of change by directing this energy into a long lasting and secure project. As Taurus rules money and finances, make a budget to support this project. Even with limited resources, Taurus will help you upgrade your life. Claim your dream and take steps toward reaching it! 

This New Moon ritual will help you focus in on a specific goal or intention and allow Taurus’ grounding yet hopeful energy set you on a clear path to achieving it:

Suggested Crystals:

Hematite - Grounding

Lepidolite - Transition

Green Aventurine - Opportunity

Suggested Candles:

Green - Growth

Brown - Grounding

Orange - Success

Suggested Essential Oils:

Myrrh - Prosperity

Peppermint - Visualization

Cypress - Smoothing Transitions


At or after half past the hour, fill a glass vessel with filtered water. Face East—the direction of renewal, hope, birth and rebirth—dress and light your candle, placing your cleansed crystal(s) next to it, and state your biggest dream or goal while holding your cup. Focus on your intention for as long as you wish before placing your glass on your altar. Let the candle burn out on its own (don’t leave it unattended!) and the next morning drink your moon water. Now, take your first step towards making this dream your reality. Keep your charged crystals with you until your next moon ritual.

Journal Prompts:

  1. Evaluate your current job situation. Do you feel satisfied? Fulfilled? Stable? Happy?! If you answered no to any of these, what would you change if you could? What is your dream job?

  2. Is there a subject matter you’ve had an interest in or want to learn more about? Now is the perfect time to explore that. Search for blogs, forums, or books on that topic —maybe even start your own blog!

  3. Make a traveling bucket list. Research the #1 spot on that list and start making a plan to finally go there! Take advantage of the many “save now, travel later” deals, discounted hotel rates, and updated airfare refund policies.

  4. Channel Taurus’ earthy energy and write about what makes you feel grounded.

Image from @cocorrina.co

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